Fingerstyle Guitarist...existing currently, Frederick, Maryland, Earth


Miles from Earth

sounds a little abstract, middle name is Miles and I am from Earth. I enjoy playing guitar and have been spending a lot of my downtime working on it recently. I mostly work on solo fingerstyle arrangements of noteworthy songs from the past few decades and occasionally create a brand new piece of my own, sometimes by accident. I hope you enjoy it.


My arrangement of Radiohead's "Creep"

My newest original "Long way Back"

Scorpions "Still Loving You" Tomi Paldanius solo guitar arrangement

Finding new inspiration in an old hobby

I played guitar as a child, learned basic chords and rhythm styles and even played out with my family's folk 'band' from time to time. I shelved the hobby around age 16 when school, work and survival demanded most of my time. Recently I've had more free time and started working with the instrument again. There is no more 'band' so I work on solo pieces for the acoustic guitar. I love learning new techniques and discovering new sounds that can be made with it.

Upcoming Local Performances

AvatarComing soon!  ...stay tuned.

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